Shipping policies

Shipping Policies and delivery times

For domestic shipments: the garment will be delivered 5 working days after the order if it is a common size garment, if it is a tailor-made garment, delivery will take approximately 10 business days after receipt of the order. The customer will receive via email a message with a copy of the guide to track the order and ensure the delivery of the product.

For shipments outside of Colombia, in garments of common size (sml-xl etc) will be sent to the 5 working days after receiving the order and stipulated a maximum of 4 working days for the trip to the destination country, for garments on measures or special designs, the garment will be sent 10 working days after receiving the order and will have 4 working days for the trip to the destination country. The client will receive by electronic means a copy of the guide for the tracking of the order and guarantee the delivery of the product

Return times and guarantees.

Because it is considered a garment of intimate use, the time of change for size in the case that the order has been for a garment of common size, the change of the garment must be informed in a time not greater than 48 hours after have received the garment, it must be with its labels and original bag, clean and without traces of having been used, only tested, without odors to perfumes or creams.

For garments made to measure or with special designs to suit the client, these garments will not change, UNLESS THAT DOES NOT COMPLY with the specifications in the order, if the garment does not meet the specifications requested by the customer will be changed . The measurements must be taken as indicated in the measurement guide.

A garment loses its guarantee when:

  • The washing instructions have not been followed.
  • Has been modified in its design and size after received the garment.
  • It has been more than a month after receiving the pledge.